Parts informations

> Top is VE.A , Bottom is VE.A 2nd.

> Top & PCB & Plate remove.
The central PC(polycarbonate) design has changed dramatically.
No more resonant sounds.

>  PC(polycarbonate) remove.
Another innovation.
A hall to hold an oblique object.

>  Bottom remove.
Oblique object

> The Oblique object has 3 patterns.

However, I recommend only two patterns. (pattern 3 is please take it for fun.)

1. traditional usage / Creates a downward slope from the back to the front.

2. recommended use / creates a downward slope from the inside out.

3. special usage / creates a downward slope from outside into.

I think it is wrong to use this.

But it would be nice to use it with the VE.A Stand.

…. a little more

You can also adjust the height of the sloped object.

about 9 degrees

about 11 degrees

want more pictures? Click Me.

– fin –